Subscribing to Content or Following People


Short video is not a product category, but an innovative medium like text and pictures.


For example, Su Hua and Zhang Yiming both expressed that Kuaishou and Douyin are not short videos, which means that the content and information are in video. Short video is the new foundation of this era, just as all industries have been infiltrated and transformed by the Internet in the past two decades. The Internet is from the shallower to the deeper. The first thing to be changed is the media. From Sina Sohu to Toutiao Douyin, it basically reshaped the media industry, then to Meituan Guazi Shell, and then to the less open businesses such as education, medical, energy and finance.


The same goes for short videos. In the past few years, you watched Douyin or Yan Value Dance. Today, the first major content category of Douyin is news, which is equivalent to re-doing today’s headlines and Weibo with short videos. In the medium of short video, the content will be from the shallower to the deeper, and more and more information and knowledge will be presented in the form of video.


At the beginning of the year, Station B suddenly supported financial and technological content, and many people who wrote began to worry or were ready to move. They felt that the previous writing blogger, as an influential industry media, was being subverted by short videos. “These people who emerged in the video are not KOLs in our field, but they have built influence through channels like station B. Looking at traditional media from the media may be the same as seeing us at station B.”


Because there are barriers to reading, the video does not.

From the perceptible reading changes and comparisons, the attention of words is indeed declining.


When the video account was launched on WeChat, suddenly a lot of “middle-aged men” started to talk to you on the front camera. These are mostly text bloggers who missed or didn’t make a vibrato at Kuaishou station B. On the one hand, it feels unnatural and on the other hand, it feels that it is progress, because the previous UP owners used video to wash the text of the bloggers. Now there is no middleman to make the difference, and it is possible to push the content further.


In May, He Caitou wrote an article “Writing Texts, or Shooting Videos”. On the one hand, there are very few people who can actually write good texts today. The problem is not that cold weapons are still being used in the short video era, but The production level and content quality of most people are substandard. And “most people who make videos today do not actually (a special thing will attract a group of viewers willing to watch), they need to use money and topics to maintain traffic, and strive to meet the recommendation algorithm, otherwise the audience will fall apart.”


Focusing on content or people, creating for curiosity or creating algorithms, researching the rules of distribution mechanism, or researching how to make fans like it more or get one step closer to the truth. In fact, the subtle differences may not be noticed by many people. .


For example, in the Moments of Friends, whether you are tall, short, fat, thin, beautiful, ugly, rich or talented, your most popular content will always be your selfie.

Because at this moment, your content happens to be yourself, and the following content and the following people are unified at this moment.

People are the best content.


I like to observe these differences caused by differences in world views, and start to try to convey these thoughts in a form that is convenient for reaching more people.


This month I started to record 10-15 minutes of video. The positioning is basically the same as that of the official account. It is still scientific and technological archeology. I pay attention to how and why, and what few people notice.


Video is indeed more conducive to more people’s understanding, but considering the less intelligent recommendation system, sometimes it will also title the party. The content has been published in 8 issues, and 4 issues are currently online. You can search and follow “Pan Luan” in the watermelon video or today’s headlines.